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Daphne is passionate about the mind/body connection and believes there is a practise that is right for everyone no matter how young or old. In her experience, awareness is the key to living a happy and healthy life, awareness of our thoughts, our movements and our habits. When we become aware, change for the better can happen. Daphne recently became a mother and when she is not caring for her little boy she teaches Yin and Pregnancy Yoga, creates her own Natural Products - Solas Essentials and is a massage therapist. Daphne teaches classes, workshops and occasional retreats from the Zen Den Collective and other locations around South West of Australia. You can connect with Daphne, find out about upcoming workshops and retreats and purchase her natural products through her website: www.daphnelevis.com / FB: daphnelevis / Instagram page- daphsjourney111

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Heard of Yin Yoga…why is it so good?

What is Yin Yoga? When I first did my Yin Yoga teacher training people would look at me twice when I mentioned it. Yin was relatively unheard of. It is great to see it creeping into most yoga studios now. Why is this? Why has it suddenly gained popularity? Yogis are becoming more aware of the amazing […]

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Munch – Sugar Free Oat Bars

I’m a grazer, constantly nibbling, especially now that I’m home a lot with my little boy. I love to be healthy with my choices and I’ve finally found a recipe that is sugar free and isn’t too ‘hippy’ for my husband! He’s a man of simple tastes and always calls my salads ‘compost’ salads as […]

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The importance of the squat for your body.

Women AND MEN – SQUAT! We should all naturally be able to squat. However due to our habits in the western world of sitting on chairs and not on the ground and picking things up by bending over at the waist and not squatting, it can get to the point where it becomes impossible for […]

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4 Moves to help strengthen your Pelvic Floor and Core

Pelvic Floor and Core……what is it? Where is it? Why is it so important? Rather than make this a long anatomy lesson here are a few facts and movements to help. We all have one – Males and Females It tends to get ‘lazy’ over our lifetime. We need it supple and strong for optimal […]

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DIY Rosewater Facial Mist & Leave In Hair Conditioning Spray

Are you looking for something simple but thoughtful for Christmas Gifts? How about making some simple sprays for your loved ones. Not only will they be made by you, they will also smell beautiful and they will think of you each time they use them. I am lucky enough to have some beautiful roses in […]

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Back pain and injury: 5 ways to help prevent it.

Most major back injuries occur from a simple twist and reaching action like getting something from a cupboard or picking something small up. That action is never the reason for the injury. Years of unawareness, lack of mobility and not listening are are the causes of most injuries. Here are 5 ways I feel injury […]

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