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Nuts about Coconut and Rice?

Then try Coconut Rice Pudding. Not only does this taste amazing, it is the best breastfeeding food ever (in my opinion:)!! I grew up with a mother who cooked for us from scratch. Whole foods would be the word for it now, for mum it was just what she did. I didn’t have a takeaway until […]

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Easy as Abc….let’s make Ghee😊

Making ghee is something that’s been on my radar for a while but for some reason I never got around to actually making it. That is until my mother came to visit recently to help with the birth of my second child. It was so special to have her here and she showed me many […]

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Hips and our Emotions

How are are hips and emotions linked? How can they be? Some of you may hear your yoga instructors say how our hips are linked to our emotions….I often see puzzled faces when this is mentioned so I thought a little explanation may be good. Our hip joints get a lot of attention in most […]

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3 movements to help with HYPER Mobility and Sacro Illiac Pain (Lower Back Area)

Some of you are born hyper mobile, others graduate there over time depending on what you do. Regardless, being hyper mobile can be more of a hindrance than a benefit ..…apart from the many tricks you can do with your joints in the school yard!! It’s not until time creeps into our lives and the […]

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My 3 favourite movements for INCREASING ENERGY…at the moment.

It’s quite easy to get up and go to a class or move in the morning, our motivation can be high (if you’re a morning person), or same in the afternoon if you are used to exercising in the evenings. But what about that 3pm slump? Today instead of fixing it with something to eat […]

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Help yourself to STEP UP in life.

Why is it others can often see our worth before we can see it ourselves? Do you put some people on pedestals and discard others? Be honest with your answer…what goes on in your head is part of you, most of us do it in some shape or form. Thoughts can be felt almost as […]

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Shine your Light

Do you find yourself saying…I should do this/ that…. find at the end of the day you are drained? One thing that keeps coming up for me is to stop pushing, remove ‘shoulds’….. and instead allow space to receive. This isn’t necessarily receiving material objects, more like receiving space, clarity, ease, intuitive direction. After many […]

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Oh my gosh!! These bars are SO DELICIOUS that I’ve had to spend time while Archy sleeps sharing the recipe with you!! You know when you taste something you made and you can’t believe how good it is… This taste is yum! Of course it’s not my recipe… It’s from a book called WHOLE and […]

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Heard of Yin Yoga…why is it so good?

What is Yin Yoga? When I first did my Yin Yoga teacher training people would look at me twice when I mentioned it. Yin was relatively unheard of. It is great to see it creeping into most yoga studios now. Why is this? Why has it suddenly gained popularity? Yogis are becoming more aware of the amazing […]

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