DIY Rosewater Facial Mist & Leave In Hair Conditioning Spray

Are you looking for something simple but thoughtful for Christmas Gifts?

How about making some simple sprays for your loved ones. Not only will they be made by you, they will also smell beautiful and they will think of you each time they use them.

I am lucky enough to have some beautiful roses in my garden right now which gave me the urge to get creative with this. There are a few ways to make rose water, so if you don’t have fresh roses in your garden then no problem. I have chosen two simple products. With the hot weather hitting WA right now, this gentle spray and conditioner is the perfect combo for skin and hair. The same can be said for those in colder climates as indoor environments can dry both hair and skin out. Enjoy:-)


  Rosewater Facial Spray

  Method 1: Steep one cup of Rose Petals in 2 cups of distilled steaming hot water. (Make sure it is not boiling). Leave until it reaches room temperature and strain into spray bottles which create a fine mist. I just simply boiled the kettle, let it sit for several     minutes before pouring it onto the rose petals. This should be good for about a month if kept in the fridge.

  Method 2: Add a few drops of 100% essential rose oil to about 100ml of distilled water. This will have a stronger fragrance than the rose petal method and will have a longer shelf life.

Rose Water spray can be used as a facial spray using it before bed, when your skin feels dry and even to set your makeup. I love it when I’m tired or when I’m up in the middle of the night feeding junior it’s a nice little refresh! It smells gorgeous and you can even use it in food and drinks. Keep it in the fridge for best results.  Ros e Water Toner can be made by adding witch hazel and lemon juice.

Leave In Hair Conditioner

This requires conditioner that you already have so aim to have one as natural as possible for the best benefits for your hair type.

Pour all of the following ingredients into a bottle and shake well.

  • 1 tablespoon of your favourite conditioner
  • 120ml of rosewater
  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar ( The vinegar will add a little shine and help prevent clogging the bottle).

Place Rose Petal into a heat proof container. I used a small saucepan.




Steep in hot, not boiling water and allow to cool to room temperature.


Place in some spray bottles, label and you have your beautiful DIY Christmas Gift:-)


I hope you enjoy these products as much as me. Now go get creative and have those Christmas gifts sorted:-)





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Daphne is passionate about the mind/body connection and believes there is a practise that is right for everyone no matter how young or old. In her experience, awareness is the key to living a happy and healthy life, awareness of our thoughts, our movements and our habits. When we become aware, change for the better can happen. Daphne recently became a mother and when she is not caring for her little boy she teaches Yin and Pregnancy Yoga, creates her own Natural Products - Solas Essentials and is a massage therapist. Daphne teaches classes, workshops and occasional retreats from the Zen Den Collective and other locations around South West of Australia. You can connect with Daphne, find out about upcoming workshops and retreats and purchase her natural products through her website: / FB: daphnelevis / Instagram page- daphsjourney111

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