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This second pregnancy is definitely different from the first…..no fast walks on the beach, exercising when I want to, daily connecting and talking to the being inside and long, oh so lovely long, sleeps

Instead this time it’s wake up to a toddler, keep up with a toddler, have to be in for toddlers sleep and finally when I hit my bed there is some time for connection with number 2 however nothing compared to number 1 before I drift off….

It is so easy to let exercise slip when in a similar situation. I agree that prioritising is important however often fatigue takes over if you don’t do something first thing. I have found little movements here and there make me feel good and do add up if I don’t get out for a walk or cycle by myself.

This is one of my favourites at the moment as it doesn’t take long so you can often do it before toddler decides to be a monkey and climb all over you. It is also great for hip stability and strength which I am finding I need all the more this time around. This is great for anyone, not just if you are pregnant.

Hip movements:

Lying on your side take a moment to lengthen your body so as your bottom waist isn’t collapsing into the ground.

Check that you hips are level and raise your top leg. Slightly inward rotate your top hip and being with:

1 – Leg lifts using your glut muscles. Notice the area around your bum working (where I’m pointing) rather than down the side of your leg.
2 – Toe taps – taps your big toe in front of your body and then lift to tap it behind your body. Repeat this using your glut area to do the movement.
3 – Hip circles – start rotating your leg in a circular motion, moving from your hip joint. Change direction half way.

You can do as many reps as you like but start small and precise so you can feel it working in the right place.

You should feel a deep sensation around your hip area once finished.

Give it a go and enjoy….it’s not going to give you a super workout but it does add up, every little counts. xx

Daphne Levis Massage Pilates Yoga WA Australia

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Daphne is passionate about the mind/body connection and believes there is a practise that is right for everyone no matter how young or old. In her experience, awareness is the key to living a happy and healthy life, awareness of our thoughts, our movements and our habits. When we become aware, change for the better can happen. Daphne recently became a mother and when she is not caring for her little boy she teaches Yin and Pregnancy Yoga, creates her own Natural Products - Solas Essentials and is a massage therapist. Daphne teaches classes, workshops and occasional retreats from the Zen Den Collective and other locations around South West of Australia. You can connect with Daphne, find out about upcoming workshops and retreats and purchase her natural products through her website: www.daphnelevis.com / FB: daphnelevis / Instagram page- daphsjourney111
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