There are currently no workshops scheduled for 2017

For updates please keep your eye out on the Facebook page: movefreelywithin or join the mailing list. There will be some coming in the next few months:)


~ Mind to Spine Workshop – Learning how to heal and prevent back pain, especially Lower Back (L4/L5)

– March 5th 2016 (completed)

May 28th 2016 (completed)


~ Essential Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop – how to reconnect and improve this area using the whole body.

– Dates to be arranged


IMG_9124Taking the time to look after your spine and nervous system can lead to increased health and wellbeing. Sharing my knowledge on the importance of spinal health and correct movement is a passion of mine and hence I will be running these workshops through out 2016.

This workshop will increase your awareness about the essential back bone of your body. Wether you are injured or would simply like to prevent future injury this workshop is for you. 

All too often I hear of people injuring their back from a very simple movement. It is not the simple movement that causes the injury but instead the years of movement prior to this. We all form habits and mo
ve accordingly. These life habits often create imbalance in the body which only increases through repetition and unawareness.

We can help prevent injury through body and spinal awareness and understanding some simple movements which anyone can do.

Come and join in this 2hr workshop to improve the functioning of  your body – your spine, your mobility, your hips….and perhaps your body as a whole.

We will

  • discuss common back issues including Sciatica and Scoliosis.
  • discuss common joint issues such as Hyper Mobility and Hypo Mobility
  • practise movements to help improve the stability of muscles supporting the spine, including the pelvic floor.
  • gain invaluable body awareness
  • learn how less can be more
  • look at simple movements and techniques to help relieve pain and prevent injury.

The aim is to have effective maintenance and prevention of your own body to help keep your body and spine both strong and flexible.

What to bring:

Small towel (like a tea towel), large towel, your own mat if you have one, bolster if you have one. There are plenty of spare mats and bolsters however it is nice to have your own to help you practise the movements at home yourself in the future. Please wear something comfortable to move in.

Mind to Spine Workshop– $ 38
To book please call 0411 293 464 or email




Understanding the basics of our Pelvic Floor

A 90min workshop for anybody – Pre and Post Natal, Young and Old.

February 7th 2015 @ the Zen Den, Dunsborough

Booking Essential

Take a little bit of time from your week to educate yourself about this very important area of your body – your Pelvic Floor and Core. An area important for everyday movement and support for our essential bowel system.

Pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, post natal (if you have just had a baby or had one 20 years ago).

Also for those suffering from incontinence, prolapse or simply wanting to learn more about their own body within.

Age is no barrier to the benefits of Pelvic Floor Exercises & Awareness.
What will you gain from this mini workshop?
An Anatomy Lesson –

A Movement session – An Understanding of the importance of your pelvic floor and core – A simple home Programme for the future.

For more information or booking please email : or call 0411293464



Pregnancy Yoga & Meditation Workshop

Saturday August 30th 2014 @ The Zen Den Collective, Dunsborough.

During this workshop we will go through:

Movements to help with aches and pains that may occur due to your changing body. e.g. sciatica, pubic symphysis, lower back pain.
Movements to help baby move into position in third trimester
Pelvic Floor exercises
Breath work
Positions which can help you during labour
Time to deeply connect with your growing baby inside
The chance to meet and discuss with other mothers to be
A movement sheet and information to take home with you
Workshop cost: $50

All equipment is provided, feel free to bring your own mat and bolster if you wish.

Refreshments provided afterwards if you would like to stay.

Payment is via bank transfer or cash on the day (see below).

This workshop is suitable for all levels of yoga experience as well as those with none.

Yoga and meditation is one of the most nourishing ways to care for yourself during your pregnancy – for your mind, your body and your soul – and for the baby in your womb. The rewards are there no matter how fit you are or if you are completely new to yoga.

Please contact me to book in advance via phone or email ~ 0411 293 464 ~



Change Habits and Learn to Move Freely Workshop

“Make the impossible possible, the hard easy, and the easy elegant.” Moshe Feldenkrais

Change your age with this popular Feldenkrais Inspired Workshop

Take a few hours from your life and busy schedule to feel more mobility, functionality and awareness of your body to bring to your everyday activites whether it’s walking, running, yoga, surfing, getting up and down a ladder or simply getting up from a chair.

Throughout our life we form habits, we repeat these without being aware and before we know it parts of our body do not move as freely. We accept this, make excuses, adapt our movements and activities and continue on. Strength and will power will take us far, however too much forcing and strength will eat away at the body and it comes to a point where through pain or injury our body is forced to stop. If you tend to stretch lots, the same applies, too much stretching can cause our ligaments to eventually lose their elasticity and we become too mobile in our joints- especially the sacro-illiac joint (lower back), our body is forced to stop, or we simply have become older, stiffened up and accept that’s the way it is.

Do you want to be able to move freely at 80? What if there were some simple things you could do to regain functionality of your body to move more freely? What if you learnt, but more importantly, felt how your body moves? With understanding, feeling and action in a subtle slow way, change will happen.

Walk without pain, sit down without aches and lift with ease – That is possible for you, but it is up to you!

This workshop is for ALL ages –
If you think you’re too stiff or too old, then its DEFINITELY for you!
If you are in your 30’s/40’s and you have pain or aches, then it’s DEFINITELY for you.

The movements we will be doing are Feldenkrais Inspired -a philosophy and system of movement that has revolutionized the treatment for pain and loss of energy associated with daily activity, exercise and aging.

DUNSBOROUGH (limit 20 people)

When: Sat Jan 18th

Where: Leanne Lane’s PT Studio- 2/88 Commonage Road

How much: $50

How long: 2.5 hrs

Time: 2pm – 4.30pm

PERTH (limit 16 people)

When: Thursday 23rd Jan 2014

Where: Bloom Yoga Studio, 8/59 Arnisdale Rd, Duncraig WA 6023

How much: $30

How long: 1.5 hrs

Time: 7.30pm – 9pm

Please wear loose clothing that you can move freely in, towel, pillow and water bottles.

BUSSELTON – please contact me for interest in a Busselton Workshop